Printing and distribution of leaflets – is the easiest way to deliver information about the product or service. In today’s world of advertising and printing industry, the term “leaflet” is meant a sheet of A4 format, usually with a one-sided arrangement of advertising materials. Due to the high information content and visibility of this type of promotional products is characterized by high demand from customers.

Good fliers allow to demonstrate a product, attracting the attention not only with its original design, but also high-quality workmanship. These versatile advertising vehicles are designed to perform the functions of image or message on some event. They distribute at conferences, exhibitions, business centers and offices in the field of sales – that is, where there is a certain target audience.

What is the secret of their effectiveness? It’s very simple – printing and distributing leaflets containing corporate identity, will encourage the buyer to remember your logo or brand. This, in turn, will increase the market value, as well as brand awareness and lead to an increase in sales of goods.

Our company offers services in printing and distributing leaflets in St. Petersburg. We sell a full range of such services, starting from design and ending with the production of printing leaflets. Issue of the printed products we manufactured using high-tech printing equipment, and the development of a unique design in our company are engaged in talented and experienced professionals.

We understand that the quality of your flyer depends on the image of your business, as well as the perception of the goods or services the consumer audience, so do our work in a professional manner. We offer our services at very attractive prices. If you are interested in our offer, then all the necessary information is always available from our managers.