The company “Indore Media” distributes flyers in mailboxes for 5 years. “Indore Media” – a highly specialized company that we professionally engaged exclusively Indore advertising (advertising in the doorways of houses: Subscribe by mailboxes, advertising in elevators, advertising on stands inside and outside the entrances of houses).

Distribution of leaflets in mailboxes – one of the most affordable forms of advertising because your costs will be minimal compared to advertising on television or in the press (local newspapers), and you include information about your business a huge number of people, because everyone has mailing address! In contrast to the local newspaper – leaflet is an opportunity to highlight your appeal from the mass of information available to read in the newspaper. In addition, the first thing a person does when comes to the entrance – check your mailbox. He expects to see there bills for utilities may, writing – and simultaneously receive colorful, bright booklets with valuable information about your business.

Compare: when a potential customer gets a flyer on the street, in the subway, at the store, he hurries, he had no time to get acquainted with the details of your offer. And when a customer pulled advertising from the box and brought home, he was in a quiet environment to study the proposal will introduce relatives and friends dropped in for a visit. The advantage of distributing leaflets in mailboxes – obviously! So why should we apply it to the company “Indore Media”?

The company “Indore Media” – a professional managers, properly selected staff leafleting, competent department control the spread. In addition, we provide detailed reports on their work.

In our work, it is important to freely fall into each entrance, through which residents of mailboxes you want to familiarize with the activities of the company. Therefore, one of the first big things that we did when we opened the company “Indore Media” – was to create its own database of codes and keys to the entrances of houses. As you know, the codes change frequently, so for all 5 years we have supported database up to date, regularly tracking changes and updating it. Due to the fact that we know the exact codes and keys, we are able to as soon as possible to spread leaflets to the right address or unaddressed, saving time and therefore money the customer.

The company “Indore Media” is ready to offer you a spread as short runs of leaflets and huge circulations. Our professional quality managers are working on each step, starting with recommendations on making your leaflets and ending with the strict control of the spread of all you order volume leaflets.

In addition, the company “Indore Media” demands much of the work of distributors of flyers in mailboxes. In the process control, you will not find in a box of 2-3 leaflets, and the other – no, as often happens when companies leafleting work poorly.

For 5 years the company “Indore Media” deserved reputation as a leader in the distribution of leaflets in mailboxes. 70% of our clients have become regular customers.