One of the most popular today metodRazdacha flyers at metroov deliver information at the advertising campaign – distributing leaflets. A small piece of paper contains all the necessary information for the consumer – easy to understand and interesting to the client. Advertising agency “Favorite” is pleased to offer you their services for the production and distribution of leaflets. We will take into account your individual requirements apply their professional experience, we make the most effective advertising campaign!
The first evaluated the effectiveness of flyers were the propagandists. The most effective they thought to publish information and slogans on small pieces of paper, and then distribute them on the streets or let ‘hands. ” Time has shown us just how effective was their method: the majority of the world revolution begins with the active work Leafleting Moskvapropagandistov operatives. Modern advertising agencies have adopted the experience of previous generations, and today the distribution of leaflets stands on one of the first places among the promo moves.
Professional distribution of leaflets

There are lots of methods for distributing leaflets that are used depending on the customer requirements and features of the campaign. Here are the main ones:

  • Distribution of leaflets in the street, in the busiest places in the metro;
  • Distribution of leaflets directly next to the product;
  • The layout of leaflets on a promotional post;
  • The layout of flyers in the lobby office centers, public buildings, schools;
  • Bookmark flyers under windshield wipers of cars;

Distribution of leaflets in metroSpetsialisty advertising agency “Favorite” choose the most appropriate methods of distributing leaflets, make your campaign as effective as possible. Point for distribution of the material are selected depending on the characteristics of goods or services offered, target audience and other important factors to consider that can only specialists.

Distribution of leaflets by professional promoters. Before each advertising campaign they are short training course – get detailed information on the presented product or service. Promoter – is not just a distributor Distribution of leaflets Moskvareklamnogo material, but also a live advisor, ready to answer all customer questions. Often used in the distribution of promotional flyers plate made by our specialists in order for your company.

Please contact us by phone, we will be happy to answer all your questions. Specialists advertising agency “Favorite” thoroughly advise you about the cost of our services, and other conditions of cooperation. Address and directions to our office you will find in section “Contacts”.